[pm] Ohhhh! No that’s okay. It’s a little weird, for me cause I don’t know who my biological parents are and I don’t really know anything about them. But it is cool being “chosen” by my family instead of just being born into it. It definitely goes a long way to make me feel wanted. Um- that’s what I’ve heard yeah.. I don’t know much about it. I do ! Well it’s a superhero comic. Kind of a what-if-I-was-a-superhero… 🙂 It’s called Quailgirl. I started drawing it back in middle school cause I was getting picked on and stuff and it became kind of an escape. Only my art is way better now. Anyways my family wants me to have a fall back plan cause they don’t think artists necessarily fare so well in the “real world” – their words not mine.

[pm] How old were you when you were adopted? It must be really weird not knowing who they are. I can’t imagine not knowing my parents, but I guess it’s different when you get adoptive parents then. Ha, at least you know your now-parents wanted you and that you weren’t an accident for them. Where did you hear about werewolves though? Sounds really cool! Even though I’m not really into the whole superheroes thing. Not too much, anyway. I’m really sorry you got picked on at school, but it’s nice that at least it led to something so creative. Hm. I guess fall back plans aren’t the worst. My fall back plan is becoming a stripper.


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