[pm] Yeah, gotta keep those skills secret. What? No of course not. I just meant, you know, if you wanted to come over past curfew or whatever one time or… I’m going to stop writing. Is it? I guess that kind of makes sense. True. But sometimes the protagonist dies don’t they? Like in the movies. Maybe not a TV show, but definitely in movies.

[pm] That’s mean. Okay, yeah, that makes more sense than your parents hating you having friends over. But if we did that I’d probably surviving sneakout out of my own house but once I attempted to get into your room, I might fall to my death, so maybe we should call an ambulance preemptively. But not in many movies. And if they do die, then it’s really sad dramatic movies. Just stay away from cruise ships and your family’s enemies’ sons and you’ll be fine.


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