Quinn nodded with a laugh. “Yeah, I think that’d be pretty great,” he said with a laugh, just imagining it and smiling brightly. It did sound particularly nice. He would definitely like the beach even more if they were actually like that.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get that bored. I have so many games to play that I don’t think I’ll ever get too bored,” he smiled with a grin. “But if for some reason I do ever get that bored, I’ll be sure to try out knitting,” Quinn said with a small smile. “Duh, and those are just old people now,” Quinn waved his hand. Why would anyone that old do it anyway? It was weird. “Ugh, I think I was six when I got my first computer,” he said with a small grin. It was one of the best days of his life, learning how to use a computer and everything about it. It lead to many changes in his life. “You’re talking to someone who has no clue about anything concerning yarn or knitting,” Quinn laughed looking at the store. 

Quinn’s eyes went a bit wide when he saw the amount of yarn there was available. It was far more than he had thought there would be. All the colors and the styles. He supposed someone who didn’t know computers would be just as overwhelmed going into a computer parts store. If he thought about it like that, it wasn’t quite so bad. “Green, well you’ve got a lot of choices for green,” Quinn mumbled, looking at all the colors. There were a bunch of various shades, more than Quinn thought there would be. “Yeah, I really don’t know what I’m doing,”

smiled to himself when he imagined six-year-old Quinn, excited about his first
computer, although he was also slightly jealous that the other boy had gotten
his own that young. When he’d been six years old, all Dustin had gotten were
legos to play with. Of course his parents owned a computer, but he’d only been
allowed to use it with supervision – mostly because as soon as he knew how to
spell, he also quickly figured out how to ask google about everything. For a moment he wondered if when Quinn had gotten his
first computer he’d already lived with his adoptive parents, but then again
even he knew that the topic of adoption was a little too personal for the first
time hanging out with someone. “I know that you know nothing about knitting,
but since I’m clueless as well I figured it can’t hurt asking you, right?” He

wide, Dustin stared at the yarn. He was literally standing inside a crazy cat
lady’s wet dream and he had no clue where to begin picking out a present. “I
mean, a big selection is better than a small selection?” he asked, more to
himself than to Quinn, who would definitely be not exactly a great help with
this task. After walking around the shelf for a moment he decided to just pick
out a couple of different colours that looked nice and might even go together.
Or at least he hoped they would. As long as he didn’t pick anything that resembled
mud, it had to be okay, right? Arms full of balls of wool, he made his way
towards the register to pay for this Christmas present. He shot a small glance
at Quinn as he put away his money and accepted the bag he was handed. They
should be done shopping now, but if he was honest it was a little sad that they
were. Hanging out with Quinn wasn’t bad and he sort of wanted to spend more
time with him. But at the same time, he was so relieved that he’d finally
bought all presents for his family.


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