Molly: Well I’m not going to blame you because you looked at someone. But now you know, those Fae use that bar to be around each other. Not us. There are humans that go out and kill Fae just for fun, and those Fae in there had no idea whether or not we were really there to look around or if we were actually there to try to kill them. I don’t blame them for being apprehensive.
Molly: Well you’re totally sexy then. If that helps.
Molly: Drat. We will never know what could have happened between us.
Molly: Ha ha. Very funny. I’m assuming we know the same guy. I had way too much. I lost count after awhile. Luckily my friend that was making my drinks for me was also taking care of me.
Dustin: Maybe next time we should carry a banner telling them that we’re pro-Fae? Although I’m not sure I want to go into that bar again.
Dustin: It doesn’t because you’re just saying that but you don’t mean it.
Dustin: Clearly we were meant for each other. I mean, I was the first guy taking off your pants. That has to count for something right?
Dustin: Yeah, he mentioned you to me I think. That’s nice of your friend. What type of alcohol did you drink? I’ve only had beer so far.


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