[pm] Yeah. You’re nice. I like you. And badass. That’s good. I can usually figure out a way out, depending on what time it is. It’d be pretty intense to get to see them. I want to know what all else is out there. Molly seems nice enough. She was happy with the computer so that was good. Most of my meetings were accidental too you know.

[pm] You’re really awesome. (and apparently just as much badass as I am 😉 ) Do you also have the misfortune of living on the second floor? Yeah, me too. I feel like I’ve spent so much of my life in ignorance, I need to know more now. Also, some of this stuff might be dangerous and the more you know the better you can be prepared, I think? She is, she called me a friend at the end of the night which was really nice of her. Okay, that’s good. At least you’re not purposefully getting attacked by monsters then. 


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