[pm] Nah, I’m not great. Badass though, definitely. Yeah I do. But I can usually get out my window. No tree, but it’s easy to climb down the side of the house. You’re telling me. It’s only been a week and I find out there’s this whole fucking world I didn’t know about. Knowledge is power right? That’s what they say. It’s why people always pay me to get it. Oh. Do you like her? No I try to stay away from actually getting attacked. I just do for some reason.

[pm] Hey, you are. And I’m not just saying that because you gave me alcohol once. Wow, if I tried that I’d probably fall to my death Wait does this sound wrong I mean it’s not like I’d have any reason to climb out your window Do you think that other towns are just as strange as this one or that we live in some sort of Beacon Hills in Maine? Knowledge is power, unless it’s knowledge of French verbs, then it’s just useless. That’s weird. Maybe you’re the protagonist in some supernatural tv show and that’s why you’re suddenly in the middle of it all. 


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