[pm] If you say so. It’s not that hard. One day we’ll sneak you up into my room. Shit. That sounded weird. I dunno. I don’t think my old town was? But I was, like, eight. So I don’t really know. Or latin. Latin is pretty useless right? That would be shit. Can’t I just be a normal guy who likes computers and shit? That’d be nice for once.

[pm] And I believe so. I bet it’s really, really hard and you just have hidden gymnastics skills. Why, are your adoptive parents not allowed to see me? Or would you sneak me in at night? At least you moved here from somewhere, I don’t know anything but this strange old place. No, Latin is pretty useful, I’d say. Especially when it comes to supernatural stuff. I mean, if you’re the protagonist, at least it’s clear that you’d survive.


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