[pm] I guess that makes sense. They don’t really like me. But I don’t really talk to many people either. Really? Well maybe we’ll just sneak you out or something. I do it enough. Yeah, that’s what Brett said to. So they have to have files we can find. Yeah, it is a lot. I kind of wish I didn’t find out about it. I don’t think so. It was some girl named Ember. I’ve never actually met Forest. Other than watching him attack people in the zoo.

[pm] Me neither. But you’ve deemed me worthy of talking to? Yeah, that could work. I’ve snuck out before, there’s a very convenient tree close to my bedroom window so I manage without waking anyone up. Do you think they have files on magic Wait no you don’t know magic exists yet do you To be honest I’d die if I could actually see those files. Oh, okay. Molly seems to have many friends. Oh, Forest is nice. I actually met him in a forest for the first time, and before you yell at me, that was an accident and during the day. 


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