Molly: It’s my fault that I have or had stitches. And it’s my fault that my friend Ricky broke his arm and its probably my fault that that guy got so angry at the bar.
Molly: Don’t you worry! You’re very cute but I’m taken! Plus you already took my pants off so I kind of figure if you wanted to make a move that would have been it. Well besides all the blood. I wouldn’t make a move on a bleeding person. Never mind.
Molly: You’ve been drunk too? Apparently everyone has but me.
Dustin: But it’s my fault that they ripped. And that the guy got angry is mine, too. If you’d been alone I bet you would’ve been left alone. How is it your fault your friend broke his arm, did you push him?
Dustin: Thanks. Is ‘cute’ a good thing though? Um, no. If I wanted to make a move on you I definitely wouldn’t have done it while healing/helping you, I would do it now. Not a big fan of making moves during life-or-death situations, I mean who can think clearly then? Also it would have made taking your pants of like a hundred times more awkward if I was hitting on you at the same time.
Dustin: Yeah, just last weekend. Quinn smuggled some beer into my house. Don’t tell anyone.


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