[pm] Yeah, you have a point. I haven’t been to one of those big parties though. Maybe one of our places? If it’s just us it’s not like we need much room right? Okay, you yelled at me for going out in the dark and you go into a spooky bar at night? No more yelling at me. Like I said, I could have gotten you in. I have money.

[pm] Me neither. Never been invited to any of those. I don’t think my parents would let me throw a party, though, and at least my dad’s always home in the evenings. Well, if it’s just us I guess a secret not-loud party in my room could work. If you wanted one. I didn’t yell at you! I was just worried I still think it’s different levels of dangers going into a bar where there’s people and meeting a guy you met online in the woods at night. Fine. You can get me into the next bar, then. Just not the same, I don’t think they like humans very much.


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