[pm] Yeah. I don’t really talk to many people at school. I just never really talked to the people that hosted them. Yeah, my parents are usually home to at some point. Or my sister, but I don’t think she’d be a problem. I mean, yeah, if it’s just us… It’d probably just end up being like last time. That was fun though. I liked that a lot. Okay, maybe. But still. We should probably stop doing that kind of stuff. Well that makes sense if its a supernatural bar.

[pm] I mean, I talk to some people, but those aren’t the ones throwing the parties. And I don’t see them outside of school. Well, my sister would be a problem. She’d want to join. Yeah, we should do that again some time soon if you want. With or without beer, I wouldn’t care about that We should stop doing dangerous stuff, you mean? Not sure I can agree to that. I know, but I somehow thought they’d be more tolerant. Like, we weren’t hurting anyone by being there.


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