Biting his lip slightly Forest nodded. “Sorry about that, I mean I couldn’t exactly change course and come around you, but I’m glad there wasn’t too much damage done” He replied smiling at the other boy. It would have been horrible if he’s fallen over or something. Or dropped his device in the mud. Then Forest would have felt super super bad about the whole thing. But luckily for them both everything was alright and mud free. 

Forest’s smile turned into a smirk though once it was revealed that Dustin was lying. “Kinda figured that one” He nodded at the other listening and watching the poor kid try to get out of this one. “I mean not that i know of.” Forest gave a confused sort of shrug when asked about it’s properties. He wasn’t too sure about the plants overall properties, and for all he knew it could? Why though would this kid be asking? Shaking the though out of his head Forest continued speaking figuring he should explain a little more “It’s actually, well it’s new to this climate so I don’t know to much about it, its why i am studying it”

shook his head. “You’re right, you couldn’t have done that. But we can’t know
about the damage caused yet. I mean the emotional damage of being scared like
that in a forest. I guess I’ll just have to send you my therapy bills later,”
he joked. He pocketed his iPod. It actually wouldn’t have been too bad if he
had dropped it, it wasn’t like a phone, it never broke no matter how many times
he would drop it.

frowned. “I could have very well been into botany, you know,” he protested. Just
because he didn’t know the name of that one plant didn’t mean he had no clue
about plants. Regardless of his true knowledge about plants, which was limited
to magical herbs and a couple of very obvious plants such as roses and tulips. “I
could have just been lying about this plant being the reason I went into the
forest,” he told him. “Studying it? Are you a botanist?” he asked, curious. In
his eyes, it was an alright profession, though not very exciting. “If it’s new
in this climate, where did it come from?” he wondered, figuring it would be polite
to ask questions about the plant if this guy was studying it.


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