No, preserving what’s natural is important. The how the world works! Fish eat other fish so there’s a balance. I don’t have organs to transplant so Fish being free is natural. Eating, breathing, sleeping; all of that is natural too. Even the need to stay alive. The world knows how to take care of itself, I just believe in preserving that order. Oh! Highschool sucks, I’m hoping university will suck less.

Is this denial? I learned about this in class once! It’s okay that your mom did the “d-word”, I don’t even have a mom in the first place! You’re a strong man. And it’s fine that he called me Mario! My name has the same letters in it. Moira, Mario. It could be me in a different life. It didn’t make me sad at all. I know he has a lot on his mind anyway.

I don’t think we are changing that much by keeping a few fish in big aquariums. And the zoo really is important to preserve endangered species. Fish eat other fish, but humans also eat fish. How do you propose we should preserve the natural order of things? That it really does. You’re a Senior, right? I don’t think I’ve seen you in my classes. 

What the fuck The d-word? The only d-word I can think of is pretty rude considering you are talking about my mum. Thanks for calling me strong though? Do you think that if you were a boy your parents would have called you Mario? It’s a pretty strange name. Yeah, I guess. Work can be pretty tough for him. 


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