Is that what it means? Well, aren’t you folks cleverer than anyone ever gave credit for. Funny how I took it to mean an allegory for heart disease all these years. But hey, the more you know, right?

Got a name, student ID and preference for what you want to observe? I’ll forward it to the right person.

Why do you think? ‘Cause that’s private, kiddo. You don’t want me quizzing you about your 50 first dates.

not sure actually. I’m not really in expert on this kind of stuff. I just
always thought that the whole way to someone’s heart through their stomach thing
was about food, but I could be wrong.

don’t really have any preference, actually. I just think the whole experience
might be fun and interesting. What sort of student ID would you need?

Oh, I wouldn’t mind
if you did that. I could tell you all about the last 50 dates I had in detail. 


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