Well, it started out as a pun on the old saying, “the way to a man’s heart is through his…” Then it got me thinking that a date who can perform OHS is pretty great. That’s pretty much it, though. And if said date were to operate on me, that’d be a little meta and a little bit ironic, but if I could watch it happen, I would.

I wouldn’t say people walk in from the street and stroll into the OT, but if the doc says yes you can observe and you attend one short session on what to do in the OT, then sure, someone can just come and watch.

Pass on the last one.

thought that old pun just meant that you should classically condition your date
to like you by presenting them with food. Repeatedly. I mean, I guess it’s cool
if your date is so smart that she can perform open heart surgery, but I still
find it weird in a date setting. Anything romantic and surgery doesn’t really
go together in my head.

actually sounds super interesting. Do you have any idea how someone could get
in contact with the right people to attend a session?



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