Quinn laughed. He didn’t really interact with people all that much for them to do that anyway. “It’s just teasing sometimes,” he said with a shrug. Mostly from the guys in the computer club, but Quinn knew that they didn’t actually mean any of that. “Yeah, swimming is fun. We don’t go to the beach all that much but when we do I usually swim a little. Or just chill on the beach,” he shrugged. Generally, he could only take a few hours on the beach before getting bored and needing to do something else. He always went with his family, so it wasn’t like he really had friends to hang out with there. Going to the beach was the nicest part of the summer. 

“Hey! You don’t know. I could be a secret knitting fanatic,” he teased, running his hands in front of the heat quickly before grinning. He wasn’t though. The only secret he really had was his hacking. Which was actually tied to more secrets the longer he thought about it. “I don’t think anyone would appreciate a floppy disk. They are so out of date,” he laughed. “Like, just actually obsolete in terms of computer stuff,” Quinn continued. “I guess that’s kind of strange. Just not really normal mom activities. Journals are a bit weird though,” Quinn mused. That was basically just reading about the lives of old dead people right? He didn’t thin that would be particularly interesting, at least not for him. “Right, sounds good,” Quinn said, pulling onto the road and driving. He knew the town quite well from all of his walks, but he had never really paid any attention to the knitting store, or whatever it actually was. 

nodded. Teasing could be alright, as long as it wasn’t done in a mean or harsh
way. He loved teasing people sometimes, but often he was afraid that they would
take it the wrong way and mistake it for actual being mean or disliking them.
When really it had just been fun. “Oh, that’s nice. Although I’m disappointed
you don’t fulfil the typical computer nerd stereotype by bringing your computer
to the beach,” Dustin teased. Really, he shouldn’t tease the other boy about
that since every trip to the beach, he managed to bring his phone and listen to
podcasts instead of joining his sister and father in playing weird beach ball
games. Although he did swim from time to time. “The ocean’s too damn cold
though. I wish they placed, like, heaters in the sea.”

laughed. “God, there would be really, really weird. I’m not sure I could take
you seriously with knitting needles making socks or something.” He glanced at Quinn
in the car, trying to picture it. He couldn’t do anything but laugh at the
mental image. It was just so wrong. Boys
when supposed to knit. “Well, maybe they are obsolete in terms of storing data,
but I guess for some people they would have some sort of nostalgic worth.” Not
for Dustin, though. He only knew about floppy disks from the Internet. It was
the same with VHS. He knew that they were part of a lot of people’s culture,
but he’d never used one himself. “I don’t know, apart from knitting my mum
doesn’t really follow the normal mum hobby rules.” He shrugged. “I guess
everyone has strange hobbies sometimes. When I was little I used to, like,
collect snails in the garden and have them ‘race’ against each other,” he
admitted, turning his head to look out the window. He really shouldn’t miss
where Quinn needed to turn. It was his fault they were going to another store
since the other boy had all his presents already, as far as he knew. The least
he could do was give the right instructions and not make them drive around
aimlessly. “Uh, I think you gotta turn left right there”, he said, pointing at
the road. “And then it’s just a couple of metres.”


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