Quinn just waved his arms. He probably wasn’t going to win this. They could just keep going back and forth at each other. “Yeah but I’m not mean,” he pointed. “Because if I did that then you’d have to walk all the way home with your presents,” he said with a shrug. “And I’m not mean,” Quinn nodded with a grin. “I don’t know. I like your name,” Quinn said, with another shrug. Common wasn’t necessarily a bad thing at all. “I know! My name is not great. I don’t really like it. It’s a girl’s name mostly and just…,” Quinn groaned softly. Sometimes it would be nice to have a more normal, common name. “That’s if you could get access to the program. Who says I’ll give it to you?” Quinn laughed. “Ew gross. That’d be horrible. It’d be so hot,” Quinn fake moaned in disgust.

“That sucks,” Quinn commented. At least he had a better idea of what to get his adoptive parents. The coffee for Karen would be good, hopefully, and he knew that Jared would love the book. Quinn looked up and nodded. “Yeah, of course,” he said with a grin. He liked spending time with Dustin, so going to another store or two really wouldn’t be a problem at all. “And I’m not gonna make you walk. It’s cold and you obviously don’t like that, plus it’s getting dark out,” he pointed out. Quinn continued walking up to the cashier, putting the book down and paying quickly. He turned to Dustin and smiled. “So where do you think will be good for finding something for your mom?

raised one eyebrow. “Oh my god, carrying one book on my own without the help of
your car? How will I survive?” He really hoped that Quinn knew that he was only
kidding since he didn’t want him to think that he was not grateful for being
able to do the shopping with the help of a car. And most importantly someone
who could drive. “Fine. You’re not mean. But only because you like my name.” He
shot him a smile. “Your name’s not that
bad. Unisex names can be cool. Too bad you share yours with a bitchy Glee
character.” At least Quinn didn’t think it was weird that he knew Glee.
Honestly, he hadn’t even watched the show because it interested him. It was
just Lea who insisted on watching it and so he had seen quite a bit of it. “Ew,
the sun,” he replied mockingly. “Ew, sand. I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and
rough and irritating, and it gets everywhere.” Would Quinn get the reference?

smiled to himself as Quinn agreed that they could go to another store to look
for a present for his mother. “Thanks, that’s really nice of you.” He followed
the other boy to the cashier and waited for him to pay for his book. Quickly,
while he waited, he got out his phone to message his mother that he might miss
dinner. She could become quite nagging when he didn’t turn up early at home.
But this shouldn’t be a problem as long as he didn’t miss his curfew, which was
9pm. Once it was his turn he paid for his father’s book, shaking his head when
the cashier asked if he wanted it gift-wrapped. Wrapping presents himself was
always much more personal. “I think there’s a couple stores that might have
something useful for her,” he replied as he walked towards the exit of the
store. “Like, there is this fabric and yarn shop that she loves. Maybe I could
get her some new, special yarn for knitting. Do you think she’d like that?” he
asked Quinn even though he’d never met her before in his life. Probably.


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