To be completely honest Forest should have known his tactic was probably not the most desired one for trying to start a conversation with people in front of you, especially with the way the other kid jumped, stumbling and almost falling in front of him. Instinctively Forest reached for him before pulling away grateful the kid seemed to manage to keep his footing “Sorry I totally did not mean to scare you” Forest admitted sheepishly, embarrassed that he had almost caused a small child to fall over. Because that’s what he looked like now that Forest had a closer look. Not that there was anything wrong with that Forest still obviously looked like like a small child even though he totally wasn’t . But yea this person didn’t look much older than 17 possibly a really young 18 year old, and while he could be a freshman ods are he wasn’t.

Smiling though as the other boy peered down at the flowers, as if trying to decide what to answer with Forest tried to hold back a laugh. Yea that was a large bold faced lie this kid was sporting, but at least he was trying. “You’re not exactly into botany are you?” He asked with a smirk seeing right through the other boy’s ruse. “It’s ok I wont tell, though if any one else asks that plant right there” Forest pointed to the one Dustin had previously had his eyes on “It’s called Tansy Ragwort”

raised his eyebrows. “Word of advice, if you’re trying not to scare someone
sneaking up behind them is sort of the worst way to go about this,” he said,
trying to hide his embarrassment at nearly falling over and being scared so
easily behind his words. Honestly, the last thing he had expected walking
through the forest in the winter was to meet someone else. Especially someone
who would approach a stranger and talk to
instead of going his own way. Most people going for walks in the forest
didn’t exactly do it for the social aspect of it – more the opposite.

he was called out on his lie, Dustin opened his mouth, ready to protest and
tell the stranger that yes, he very much was into botany, but the other person
seemed to be amused so he closed it again. “Not really, no,” Dustin replied. “I
mean, I know some stuff…” he continued, scratching the side of his head and
then pulling back the beanie which had threatened to slip off his head. “I’ve
never heard of that plant before,” he told him, trying to remember if he had
heard that name before, but nope. Then he recalled the boy’s previous words. “Wait,
you’re here in the forest for the plant? Does it do anything?” he wanted to
know. Glancing at him, he wondered what kind of person walked into the woods
just to see a plant. Especially in such cold weather. Dustin pocketed his iPod
and then pulled his hands into the pockets of his coat to try to warm them up a


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