Normally? Maybe not me specifically but the whole organization as a whole, yes. At least you didn’t tell me you have heroin on you.

I thought you were new since you mentioned you were beginning to notice.

You don’t know how right you are. Which is confusing, isn’t it? To both fear and adore something like that. Makes you think about the brain and question how it works to be able to accept and reject something that possesses so much power.

Right. Fuck the police and all. I mean, I guess you guys aren’t perfect? But I myself have no bad experiences with police so far. In this town. Because that’s the only police I know. Of course I don’t have heroin on me, who do you take me for? If I was carrying heroin that might prove a serious risk to my efficiency of my job. Which is dealing with weed, you know.

Yeah, I did. But maybe I just wasn’t perceptive enough in the past.

It is, and it makes it even more scary in my opinion. Because you cannot be one hundred percent sure that you can stay away. It really is confusing because aren’t fear and liking something two very much opposing emotions?


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