“Really?” Quinn asked with a laugh. He’d never really thought about that before. Quail had never been particularly difficult, at least that he noticed. But they’d always gotten along fairly well, despite the fact that they had both gone through the foster system. “She was never really that bad when she was that young then,” he mumbled, but then again he was about 11 then and absorbed in his computer, much like he was now. 

“No! The burning sun makes me want to die,” Quinn replied, wrinkling his nose and laughing. “Don’t be a dick, you know what I meant,” he added with a grin, knowing that Dustin must have been teasing him. The heat just always made him far too tired or worn out. If he was laying out or walking in the sun he just wanted to sleep. But in the cold he felt like he had more energy. Plus his computer worked better when it was cold out. “Have you never had those really hot summer nights where you’re just sweating no matter what? Even outside? It’s miserable. I hate sweating,” he said, pushing his hair away from his eyes. “Barbecues are nice I guess, but I still like the cold. You can always get warmer but you can only do so much to cool off,” Quinn added. With a nod, Quinn smiled back at Quinn. “Thanks. Not that I’d really expect you to tell anyone, but yeah. I don’t really keep it a secret except from Karen and Jared,” and Quail to an extent.

Quinn nodded. He couldn’t really remember the last time he’d been in a book store. He did all of his shopping on-line usually. And books weren’t exactly his thing. “Okay, do you wanna look back there first and then for something for your parents?” Quinn asked, looking around. Maybe he’d find something interesting here for himself, though he doubted it. Quinn began to make his way to the back of the bookstore, looking at Dustin after a moment, almost like a lost puppy. He had no clue where he was going.

really. Having a younger teenage sister is the worst. Do you know how many
girls she keeps having over? And whenever there are people in the house I can’t-“
Practice magic, was what he was about to say, as his mother had strictly forbidden
him from healing even a papercut in the house while there were people around. “Uh,
do stuff,” he finished, not quick enough to think of a better way to end that
sentence, glancing away. “Anyway, I’m glad that your sister wasn’t as bad as my
sister is now.”

laughed. “Makes you want to die, huh? Got a secret you’re hiding from me? What
else does the sun do to you, you don’t happen to sparkle or crumble into ash,
do you?” He looked back at Quinn, still laughing. “If I happened to order a
pizza and it had garlic on it, would you eat it?” Honestly, who didn’t like the
sun? The good thing about the sun was that once it got too hot you could escape
into the shadows. If it was too cold and the sun wasn’t out, there was nothing
you could do. “Me?” Dustin pointed at himself. “I’m the dick?” He shook his
head, laughing. “Fuck no, I’m not. I’m the nicest person alive. Everyone knows
that.” As he let the swear slip from his mouth, a women accompanied by her
child shot him a disapproving look. Dustin tried to smile at her in apology. “I
mean, I know those nights when I’m inside and my room is far too hot and my
blankets are too warm but sleeping without them makes me feel so unsafe and
uncomfortable and basically I’m dying and sweating through my sheets. But not
when I’m outside during a summer night. There’s usually a nice breeze, I’d say.”
He nodded. “Yeah no, who would I tell? Do you do that often then, sneak out and
walk around at night?” he wanted to know.

can look for books for Jared first, I don’t mind,” Dustin replied with a smile,
following to where the other boy was going, although it didn’t look like he had
spotted the right section yet. He looked fairly lost. “Come on.” Reaching for a
piece of coat around the region of Quinn’s elbows, he tried steering him towards
the correct section of the bookstore: two shelves displaying the oldest books
the store had to offer. “I know you said he simply likes old books, but does he
have a preference for any genre or author?”


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