Quinn just shrugged. He knew that he was short, but that didn’t mean he had to like it getting pointed out. But he wasn’t going to hold a grudge against Dustin, not when he was doing a favor by helping him shop. Besides, he was probably just teasing right? “I guess that’s true,” Quinn said with a soft laugh. He had played quite a bit of Skyrim when it came out. Like, far too much. “Oh Dragon Age is pretty great,” he said with a nod, growing a bit more excited. They seemed to like similar games. “I never played The Last of Us though,” he said with a slight pout. “I only have a computer and not a console so I can’t play that one,” he said with a shrug. “Borderlands are great games too. They’re so fun and just ridiculous,” Quinn continued, not minding that they had gotten sidetracked from their actual goal of getting presents. 

“Very helpful,” Quinn mumbled, reaching out and nudging at Dustin’s side with his elbow. “It says it helps make better coffee,” he said with a soft sigh. How did it even do that? “He just uses a regular coffee maker,” Quinn said, trying ot think about the kitchen appliance. It didn’t sound like the one that Dustin was describing. “I never drink it so I don’t know,” he mumbled. “I think I’ll get the coffee and then maybe the brewer,” Quinn said with a shrug. That would be good enough for Karen. “Did you want to get anything here?” he asked, gesturing to the wall. It was starting to get more crowded though, and Quinn wanted to get on line for his purchases. “If not I can go buy these and we can go to the book shop,”

have you played it?” Dustin asked, relieved that there seemed to be no
judgement about his favourite video games, at least no judgement coming from
Quinn. To be fair, if a guy who built
computers as a hobby judged him for being a nerd, there was something not right
in the world. “The Last of Us is so great. But I probably like it for all the
wrong reasons. I mean, it’s not just the gameplay that is so cool but the
graphics are just… I don’t know, they just look incredible. It’s like, no
thanks, I’ll never need to go outside again, all I need is this abandoned town
in the game at sunset. It’s all I ever want to see,” Dustin replied and then
stopped when he noticed that he was starting to ramble a little. He was meant
to help Quinn find Christmas presents for his adoptive parents, not talk his
ear off about games. “It took me like half a year to convince my parents to get
me a PS4, actually. There was lots of pleading and doing laundry involved.” He
laughed. “I have to admit I’ve never played Borderlands though.”

grinned, raising his eyebrows at the other boy. “Well, I’m supposed to help you
find presents, so it’s only logical that I am very helpful,” he replied. He
took a further look at the device, confused. How did something help make better
coffee? “That is a super vague description,” he muttered. “Maybe you could ask
an employee what exactly it does and if it works for regular coffee makers? Or,
it probably does, I have no fucking clue to be honest.” He smiled. “Yeah, that
would sound like enough, although to be fair your adoptive parents are probably
going to be happy with whatever you get them. I mean, all parents usually want
is to see that you care about them, I guess.” He shrugged, looking up into the
rest of the store. It was getting far too crowded for his liking. “No, it’s
okay. I don’t think I know what sort of coffee they drink. I’ll probably try to
find something in the bookstore, if that’s where we’re heading after this?”


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